Quantum Mindset

Quantum Mindset
to fix your messy life.

For successful-on-the-outside people that are a mess on the inside.


For a very long time, I assumed that all successful people on this planet were successful on the outside AND inside. I assumed that people that looked successful, had a perfect private life.

Perfect money relationship, perfect partner, perfect health and that they are all happy happy happy, being absolute phenomenal people.


But I was wrong.


I don’t watch news, tv or read magazines, because I don’t really care what other people are doing. I’m one of those people that go their own way, faaaaar away from the masses. Let’s say I’m not informed at all about music, sports or movies. Because I honestly do not care.

But for some reason YouTube kept showing me horror stories of celebreties their private life in my recommendations. After ignoring those for a couple of days, I finally gave in and watched one.

And the second.

And the third.

I started questioning my beliefs and thoughts about successful people. How is that possible? What’s wrong?

I did 1 day of research and all that was on my mind for the rest of the month was: ‘Fuck! I need to help them, because they need a life transformation like yesterday and I’m the one that can make that happen.’


Because today, 4 years ago, I was a complete mess myself and about to commit suicide because I had enough.

I had destroyed myself and my life in all ways possible. I was the best in attracting narcissists, in doing everything for everyone besides me, feeling guilty for wanting to become happy and I felt like a total failure.

My body failed big time. Depression, suicide actions, fatigue, faking happiness, chronic diseases and I even had a tumor.

That day I actually waited to drop death because it was either death or happiness. When my body refused to die, I decide I would become happy.




6 months later I was permanently happy.

I did on my own what doctors failed to do for me over 20 years. I visited specialists, phychologists, psychiatrists, therapists. Did it all and it didn’t work at all. Cost me a lot of money and frustration because they didn’t GET me. My problem couldn’t be fixed with textbooks.

I self healed my Mind (bye bye 20+ year long depression) and my Body (bye bye tumor, thyroid disease, brainfog, foodintolerances and all infections,…)

People started to ask me how I healed myself when I was doomed for eternity to be sick and stay on medication forever (my doctor told me that).

So, I started to teach others what I had learned myself.

Turns out that people WANT to change and WANT to be happy, but when they have to change who they are, they run away scared.

I was like that for 30 years. I wasn’t desperate enough to ACTUALLY do the work to become happy.

A few followed my process and self healed ‘incurable’ diseases in just months. They improved their relationships and overall mental, emotional and physical health.




They followed the plan because they had nothing to lose. They told me that they were ready to do WHATEVER it took to fix their mess, because if this couldn’t fix it, they were doomed.

I have worked with single moms, wannabe entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs. I have worked with happy people and with misserable people. I have worked with victims and with perpetrators.

I believe that, no matter your past or your story, you are ALLOWED to be happy. I believe that everyone has the choice to make up for their mistakes, big and small ones.

Because EVERYONE has made a LOT of mistakes.

The reason your life is messy, is because you are making a TON of choices that are destroying your happiness. Your choices create your life and create or destroy happiness.

I work with people that wanted their life fixed yesterday because they can only win (they have nothing good to lose). These people want to change with every cell of their being, and they deeply innerstand that change is necessary. My students go all in with an open mind, open energy and do the work.

You have to let go.
You have to forgive.
You have to think different.
You have to act different.

I teach Quantum Mindset, Universal Mindset.

And I also help you with Quantum Healing, with Energywork.

I know there are things like woo-woo, spirituality, religion, phylosophy and stuff like that. And it all has a piece of the puzzle. I have combined the best from all paths, and put it together in a to the point course that’s understandable for everyone.

Because that woo-woo stuff. Oh boy, they make everything that’s easy extremely complicated (because they don’t truly innerstand what they are saying).

I have 2 young girls. When they understand what I am saying, everyone can understand. What I teach is simple, to the point, relatable, vulnerable and open.

I live this happy, healthy and free life.

And so can you!

You can fix your mess if you are absolutely certain that you are ready to sacrifice your old life for your new life. Because you will need to let go of a lot of things.

  • people
  • control
  • fear
  • abuse
  • wanting things
  • your pain
  • your trauma
  • your guilt
  • your shame


If you are ready to embrace a new life, click the button below. The button takes you to the online Quantum Mindset course. You find more information on the course AND you can start right away with the first 2 lessons for free.

It is my intention that the course cleans up the mess of your life, so you can be happy, healthy, wealthy, free and loved.

Everything is possible in life,
you just have to do it.


Are you interested in my story?

Marieke Bertens, Quantum Mindset, Quantum Healing

My name is Marieke Bertens, I live in Belgium (West EU) and I speak Dutch. I have 2 young daughters and I’ am happy.

See the picture? That is me now. Happy, healthy, wealthy, free and loved.

4 years ago I was the complete opposite. I was depressed, exhausted and so sick. I had mental, emotional and physical pain, all day and every day.

As a child I had lacked love, true love. The love we all crave.

I wanted to be loved, I wanted to get hugs, I wanted to receive a compliment. But I didn’t get it. We didn’t hug. We didn’t cry. We didn’t give compliments and I wasn’t allowed to dream.

Slowly but surely, I forgot who I really was. When I was a little girl, I was happy, smiling all the time. And then people kept telling me that I couldn’t smile and I had to watch my tongue. You shouldn’t do this, you can’t do that.

Before I knew it, I had lost who I was. All that was left was an empty shell.

When I was 11, I was diagnosed with a depression. When I was 11, my body already hurt every single day.

People loved me. They found me, dumped their shit on me and walked away happy. I felt horrible after conversations, so I started to avoid them.

Some really good things came from isolating myself. I self thaught English, HTML, I build my own websites, I became a baker, I started playing games and I created a fake life playing a MMORPG. That game made me feel alive again. I finally felt like I could *be* someone and make a difference.

I wanted (not decided) to fix my life. I did it all:

  • doctors (you have to live with your diseases, here’s a pill)
  • therapists (It’s in your mind girl, but I can’t get it out)
  • phychologists (same)
  • psychiatrist (here’s a pill)
  • I got myself admitted into a mental health hospital


NONE of that worked and I was so mad at the system.

I became mad at the whole world and that anger (I understand now) made all the things I suffered from, even worse. Yes! It could get even worse, who knew?

In 2013 my first daughter was born.

She opened my heart and I finally had a reason to live. I changed a lot about myself and I started saying no a lot. But I was still sick and feeling empty.

In 2015 my second daughter was born. And that’s when things started to change.

When my daughter was born with a c-section, we both had a lot of pain. And I asked the medical staff what the reason was and they said it’s normal. That kind of pain was not normal, that couldn’t be normal!

When I got home, I came across food studies and I thought that what I was eating might be causing problems. 2 days later me and my 2 babies cut of all sugar, dairy and processed foods from our diet and TADAA, my body started to heal and the new pains were gone in days.

But I was still feeling depressed, I didn’t really have a reason to live and I was empty. I was still sleeping about 14 hours a day and barely getting by. I had no money and I was feeling drained in all ways.

And then, march 2017, I sat on my kitchen floor and I decided it was done. I either become happy or I die right now. My body didn’t die, but my Mind did. I had to die there and then to become happy. I know that now.

Once I decided, I let myself flow on the waves of the Universe, healing my Mind, Body and Spirit, without realizing what was happening. It just happened and I was feeling extremely good.

A couple of weeks later, someone handed me a copy of ‘the celestine prophecy by James Redfield’ and that book opened my eyes. I felt like someone finally understood ‘me’. Someone on this Earth talked in a way that resonated with me. And that gave me hope. I finally felt ‘normal’ again.

Maybe there are other people like me, and I’m no longer alone?

I stumbled upon a meditation series with Angels and I decided to listen to those recordings while I was needing my naps and during the nights. Again and again and again. I listened to them at least 300 times. I always fell asleep, but I felt more awake after each session. And that was enough to keep going, at that time.

Soon after, I met a holistic doctor and with natural supplements, she helped to heal my body.

It must have been late May, when I started noticing glimps of happy feelings. It felt really strange.

In September that same year, I woke up one morning and while I was getting out of bed I realized that my head was empty. I had no thoughts, no worries, no fears, no anxiety, no to do lists, nothing. My mind was clear.

And I felt so happy. I felt so amazingly happy and I knew that no one on the whole world could ever take that happiness away from me. That one day in September 2017 is the first day of my new happy life.

I didn’t need any naps anymore, I slept a normal 8 hours a night, I started to be inspired and I started a blog, I felt full of energy, I felt great.

And it got better every single day.

It took me 14 months to fully heal my body and stop all medication I was taking. The tumor dissappeared at about 20 months.

This process is an ongoing process and it’s a way of life.

Yes, I meditate daily.
Yes, I had to cut processed foods, dairy and sugar from my diet. I eat meat once a week.
Yes, I had to let go of nearly everyone in my life (some came back, others didn’t).
Yes, I had to work THROUGH my emotional trauma (like sexual abuse, oppression, and even alien abduction (like WTF?), …)
Yes, I had to fix all the mistakes I ever made (I had to learn how to forgive myself).
Yes, I had to let go of control and stop thinking. I had to learn to flow.

It was hard figuring it out on my own, but I did it.

I have an amazing Team (some call them angels, others call them aliens – I call them my Team because the name is just a detail people get distracted with). I learned how to communicate with the Universe, how to flow and how to attract things. I learned how to not care and care at the same time.

I learned that if I don’t look after myself, no one will. And that if I don’t love myself, no one will.

I have studied ancient phylosophy, Alchemy, Mystery Teachings, Freemasonry and the like. I have spent over 3000 hours in meditation, to get the answers. And I have made a lot of programs to teach others to heal their life too (in Dutch).

I even wrote a book about it.

The biggest lesson I learned is that I have to believe in myself and believe that I am worthy to have it all. I am just a Human, just like everyone else. And I matter.

You matter too.

You have to believe you matter.

You have to believe that you can have it all. Happiness, health, freedom, love. You can have it all.

But you have to sacrifice your current life for your new life.

It’s not the easiest path, but it’s one that works and gets you results fast.

Here’s my last call.

Do you want to change your life and are you prepared to do what it takes?


It takes a lot of courage and most people that work with me have nothing to lose. I mean, they have a LOT to lose, but only things they don’t want.

Maybe this isn’t for you today. And that’s fine. You have to feel ready to do this work.

Just know that you can be happy and you can feel free and loved and healthy when you decide it’s your time.

It’s okay to not feel ready. But you can do it anyway.

Whatever you decide, it’s the right thing for you right now. Come back when you feel ready.

I wish you all the love, healthy, happiness and success.

x Marieke