Marieke Bertens

Spiritual Badass, Intuitive Coach, Author and Inspiration.

With her book Mirrors, Marieke knows how to inspire people in a positive and practical way to take their lives into their own hands, to stop being a victim and to stand in their power, so that they can build the life they want for themself.

“Everything is possible. Really everything! I am living proof of that. So you can do it too!”


Do you need a hands-on approach, straightforward, solution-oriented and preferably yesterday? Then she is the coach for you!

“Marieke is a coach who does not mince words, who tells you in a loving way what it is all about, and where you leave with a big smile, with all the lights on and full of energy, ready to take the next step and jump in your new life.”

Marieke works with professionals and high achievers, to help them evolve in all areas of life, business and talents.

She also helps you and your business grow with Energy Work: communicating with the business entity and the buildings. This way, all existing blocks can be easily found and worked through, for fast growth.


Soul Coach / Healer.

Marieke is expert in Soul Coaching. A technique that combines science, mindset, energy, vocabulary, psychology and communication all in 1 straight forward approach.

We enter the world of causes (aka, the subconscious), fix your internal mess and install new beliefs at the core.

No fluff, but hands on, transformative coaching that changes your reality instantly.

Looking for a hands on coach that speaks to your Soul? Read the book first! And contact us for coaching afterwards.

If you speak Dutch, invest in one of the programs to help you evolve quickly in this lifetime and break through all your walls, blocks and procrastination.

We are all short on time and we want to achieve great things.

To save on time, which is our most precious possession, you want to stop getting distracted and focus on what brings FAST results. Why wait a year, when you can have your results today?

Read MIRRORS to help you transform your life fast, by focusing on the things that work.