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Once upon a time, I was sad, depressed, sick and I wanted to end my life. I felt I was useless in this world, born without a reason.

At my all time low (I was 32), I finally found the courage to stand up and take my life in my own hands. I talked to the air around me and said: ‘I feel useless and I want to die. If I do not drop dead in the next 10 minutes, I want to be happy. If happiness is not for me, please let me stop living. I can’t take anymore of this.’

That moment (I realized years later) is the moment “I” died in order to become happy.

I have never looked back. Ever since that day, I work on myself and I take matters in my own hands. I take care of me and I make sure my life is good. If something is unaligned, I change it.

Today I am happy, wealthy, healthy and full of love.

While healing myself, I found talents that were hidden, like; remote viewing, remote healing and I uncovered ancient Truths about life that I teach others so they can heal too.

I was not born that way.

I was born sick and I have suffered 32 years. I was in constant pain and I had no energy. Life was horrible. I couldn’t get through a day with at least one nap. I didn’t live, I suffered every single day.

I didn’t have a great relationship with money, but I changed it. I used to repel it, now I love it. It was a process.

I didn’t know love. I thought love was letting go of all I wanted and being a servant to another person. I didn’t know love, I had to learn what love really is. I found out I have to love myself first and everything else finds its way on its own when I love me.

The first 32 years of my life were terrible, traumatic and sad. I do not wish that life upon anyone in this world. But I do wish you and all other people on this planet, find the love in yourself so you can too be happy, healthy, wealthy and loved.

You can make that choice too. Everyone can make that choice.

It’s just a choice and when you follow up with the right kind of action, your life changes very very quickly.

Decide that you deserve a better life and take action. You need to take action.


If I can change my life, heal my body in a natural way, heal my relationship with myself and money and with other people, than you can too.

You should heal yourself, your life and all that is, because you deserve a better life.

Whatever you want to reach in life, you CAN! You SHOULD! But you need to take action. There is no magic wand or faerie that’s coming to save you.

It has to be you.

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Things about Marieke Bertens you (don’t) want to know.


I read at least 2 books a month:

  • You have to make time to read books.
  • You should read your books multiple times.
  • When reading books, take notes so you memorize it easier.
  • Read books that make you smarter.
  • When you read 3 books about 1 topic, you are smarter than the avarage person.
  • A great book you should read is Mirrors, because I wrote it and it inspires you to change your life.
  • As a child I hated to read books. I hated reading with a passion.
  • As a child I was told I couldn’t write. Never let the opinion of another hold back your dreams.

Favourite topics

  • Money and investing
  • Mindset
  • Esoteric books
  • Books on Magic

I read to learn and become smarter. I don’t read for pleasure, although I love to read to become smarter.

You can download the energy of books when you hug a book. You can talk to the energy of an author in your dreams.


I take time to meditate at least 4 hours a day.

Meditation is misunderstood. It’s being with yourself in silence and listening to your thoughts. That’s it. It’s easy, people just like to make it hard.

You should learn to listen to the voices in your head, it will liberate you.

  • Meditation is easy and should become a way of life.
  • You have to make time to meditate and you have to commit to it.
  • You can only control your reality if you control your thoughts. Meditation is the way to accomplish that.
  • I do not own a fancy meditation cushon, that’s overrated. I lay still for hours until I have my breakthrough.
  • Stop distracting yourself with noise (tv, news, radio, social media pings,…) and embrace silence.
  • Find everything interesting and learn to observe instead of reacting. Observing liberates you.

I do not like sweet zen meditations. I am relaxed all the time. I do Quantum Healing sessions that combine mindset, visualisation and energywork. You have a body AND a spirit, they need to unify.

I am specialized in fast transformation and I prefer Quantum Healing sessions, because they work fast and they deeply heal people instantly.


People ask me a lot about what I eat and why. So let’s clarify that here so you don’t have to ask.

  • I eat lots of fruits and less veggies. Fruits are easier to digest, so I eat fruits.
  • I eat meat every once in a while but only from farms that take care of their animals and let them be animals and run around on a field. Stressed animals = stressed meat. Don’t eat stressed meat, it’ll hurt your body. Be mindfull.
  • I eat eggs from free range chickens that have lots of space to run and be a chicken. I don’t buy eggs in stores, those are filled with stress and I don’t digest those.
  • I eat organic pasta when I feel like it. Not a lot, but sometimes.
  • I do not consume dairy. Milk can only be obtained when a mother gives milk to a young. When humans want to drink that milk, the young is taken away from the mother and that causes stress. I don’t drink stress.
  • I do eat bread but I shouldn’t.
  • I fast because it feels natural, but I don’t do it to fast. I listen to my body and it tells me when I should eat and that’s not a lot. I don’t need a lot of food to function in life.
  • My favorite food is sushi. I love to eat raw things, always have and always will. Uncooked and natural.
  • I used to be an emotional eater. I would eat to burry emotions. Deal with your emotions and you will naturally eat less and much more healthy stuff.
  • I only drink filtered water or unsugared tea. I have a Berkey filter system and I like it.

Food carries a frequency. Be mindfull how your food is grown and select your foods with care. Foods can mess up your vibration and make your body sick. It’s more about the frequency of the food than the food itself. Don’t eat stress, it hurts your body.


How do you sleep? I get that question a lot. It suprises me that others want to know how I sleep. But here it is.

  • Dark room and window open. I need fresh air when I sleep.
  • I have programmed myself that when my head touches the pillow, I fall in a deep sleep instantly.
  • Before I go to bed, I do a braindump in my journal. I write down everything that is on my mind. Without that, I can’t sleep properly because I keep thinking about those things. Write them down instead.
  • When I wake during the night, I don’t worry, I just listen to my thoughts, write them down, do a braindump, listen to a meditation, or have a chat with the voices in my head.
  • I lucid dream. You start by training yourself to remember your dreams and use a dreambook to decipher your dreams. After a while you can actively work with your dreams and take control.
  • I lay in bed 8 hours per night (up to 10) and I usually sleep 4 – 6 hours. The other hours I receive downloads or I do my inner work or breathing excercises.
  • When ‘they’ wake you during the night, listen.

To me, sleep is not what it used to be. I take myself to bed and some nights I just sleep, other nights I could lie awake all night and get lots of instructions. I let go of the need to sleep and I just surrender to whatever happens through the night. It’s fine and it all happens for a reason.


Born on July 25th, 1985. That makes me a Leo and a 1 in numerology. I am surrounded by the numbers 1 and 7. I’m an INFJ.

Belgium is my home (that’s Europe). My native language is Dutch.

I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls.

  • Plain filtered water or tea
  • MUSE is my favorite band
  • Strawberries and mangos
  • Sushi and veggie burgers
  • Lucifer is my favorite series (check out Atiye / The Gift too)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away (check them out)
  • Manly P. Hall my favorite author
  • I have a bakers degree and I love cakes but they make me feel bloated.
  • Cats, chickens and bunnies
  • Salthy baths
  • Massages

If you made it this far, maybe you want to read my book. That’s a lot more informative and it will help you achieve great things in your life. You can find Mirrors on Amazon here.

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