Book Mirrors, Marieke Bertens

The Dutch Bestseller ‘Spiegels’ is now available in English, so you too can change your reality with ease today.

Do you want to manifest a better life for yourself? Have you tried numerous manifestation techniques that don't work for you? The book mirrors has changed many lives and it will change yours too. Focus on what works and you get the life you deserve.

Before my clients can work with me, they have to read your book [Mirrors] first.
It makes my work so much easier.”

The book Mirrors is about changing your reality from the inside out, with instant results.

Life is a mirror, it’s not real. What people call ‘reality’ is NOT real, it’s just a reflection.

A reflection of what?

Reality is a reflection of the conscious and subconscious thoughts you have about yourself, plus all of your emotions. So, when you want to create a better or different reality for yourself, you can’t do it IN reality. You need to get access to the cause of your reality and that’s inside you.

When you know HOW to find all those locked up thoughts and emotions, you can free yourself and create a better reality for yourself.

The book Mirrors teaches you how reality works and how you can reprogram your reality from the inside out.

Part A teaches you how your reality is constructed. It’s important to know how it all works, before you can actively go and change your reality with ease.

Part B is an explanation of a ton of situations you might encounter with a possible solution to reprogram your brain to fix the situation instantly.

Who is the book Mirrors for?

Mirrors is a book for everyone that wants to work on themselves. It doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know about life, mindset, personal growth or even spirituality, it explains it in simple language.

If you want to have a better life, this book teaches you in simple terms HOW to create a better life for yourself, right now. You do not have to wait for Divine Timing because YOU are the creator of your reality. Not god, not other people, not anyone outside of you.

You are YOUR creator.

It’s time to own your reality and make it as beautiful as your dreams.

My story

In 2017 I was so sick I should’ve been death, according to doctors. Constant physical pain, I slept 14 hours a day, I had to take medication to stay alive, I had cancer, thyroid disease, a couple of auto-immune diseases and I had many food intolerances.

On top of that, I was depressed for over 20+ years and I was surrounded by a whole bunch of narcissists.

And to make matters worse, I had no money at all.

Today I am healthy in all ways, I enjoy my life, I love to be alive, I have a purpose, I am successful and I’m surrounded by amazing people that support me.

And money? Yes! I fixed that too.

I really value my time.

When I started to create a new reality for myself, I learned a whole lot of manifestation techniques that just don’t work. It waisted my time and it frustrated me. It kept me running around in circles and I didn’t understand why people were teaching things that do not work instantly.

‘When you can’t find what you need out in the world, you have to create it yourself.’

And that’s what I did!

I experimented daily to figure out HOW reality worked and I tried and tried and tried until I found a formula that worked instantly. Then I worked with 100+ clients to see if it worked for them too, and I perfected the technique.

I wrote it down for everyone to learn in a no-nonsense book that changes your reality, just like it helped change 3000+ other realities.

If you want a better life, create a better life today. Just start.

Find the book MIRRORS on Amazon here, and take your life into your own hands.

Why wait?

What others say about the book Mirrors

is a wonderfully written book by Marieke Bertens.
In the book Marieke Bertens helps the reader understand that everyone is the creator of his own reality.
If we don’t like this reality, we can adjust it, but we have to do something about it ourselves.
Nothing goes by itself, read this special book and it will give you new life insights.
It is a very special book written noticeably with love and wisdom.

– Dennis

Finally a book about emotions “Why am I annoyed by people?” And how I can let it go.” It makes me aware of the negative emotions.

You are responsible for your own life. She tells you why and makes you aware of it. She insists.

It’s all about thoughts. Control your own thoughts, then control your own life. She tells you how to do that too. So don’t let your thoughts fly by or ignore them, but just observe and become aware of them; what thoughts do you have? Why do you have these thoughts? What story is in your subconscious? She tells how you can change the stories (negative) in your subconscious.

This book helps me to forgive others and myself more easily.

Enemies are your best teacher.”Personally it reminds me of Jesus and Judas story. Judas who had to betray Jesus so that Jesus could complete his life path/goal, and finally ascend to heaven. Judas is then the bad guy(enemy ), but made sure that Jesus brought the redemption for which he was born (Christian version). So thank you enemy.

Easy to read. And many recognizable examples in the book. She also recommends reading the book 3 times.

– Devi

This book is definitely recommended for those looking for change in their life.
It also helps you do your inner work.
Marieke teaches you to love yourself. With the book Mirrors you get ahead in your life!

– A
Do you want to manifest a better life for yourself? Have you tried numerous manifestation techniques that don't work for you? The book mirrors has changed many lives and it will change yours too. Focus on what works and you get the life you deserve.